Acting The Maggot


Rhona's blog is oh so entertaining!

This weeks Friday Fertilizer is a blog written by another person I have met in the flesh! Live in 3D!

Her name is Rhona and her blog is called Acting The Maggot (an Irish saying, she is not gross and squirmy or creepy and crawly, she is quite lovely )

She reigns from Ireland but now with her Big Giant Daddy, two girls (and baby due any… second) calls Australia home.

She is a creative soul with immense singing and writing talent.

My only regret is I did not see her sing when I lived in Sydney, but have recently delighted in her singing talent courtesy of YouTube!

Ok, so that is the ‘how I know her stuff’ out of the way, let me tell you about why I have selected her blog as this week’s Friday Fertilizer!

I do believe Rhona’s blog is oh so worthy of your reading.

It is a watering can awaiting you to grasp it!

It is guaranteed to stir you every post.

Whether it’s funny (usually), poignant (sometimes) self-deprecating (often) or just downright engaging – Rhona is a natural entertainer.

Rhona was shocked when I told her I wanted to feature here.

She said “I love all the inspiring people you bring in and sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the positivity they emit… I’d be flattered to be slipped in among them.”

So I’m slipping her in, because from where I’m standing her grass is very green and I love her views on life.

Here are some snippets to get you started:

The Scenic Route from Orbost to Cann River – I absolutely adored this story, a great tale of traveling through Australia and meeting some unique characters (though I do not condone hitch hiking tsk tsk)

And have a laugh (and say a little prayer for her too, cos any day now) at her Pre-Labour Prayer

Lessons learned from my 6 year old - Rhona learns some of the most valuable lessons from her.

I have attached below  a brilliant song she wrote about self-sabotage, it struck a chord with me, while she strikes several chords.

Have a listen and then trot on over to Acting the Maggot.

Good luck with the new addition Rhona!

Photo courtesy of Lyn Taylor Photography

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