Ruby Two Shoes

Ruby Two Shoes (or RBT as I affectionately refer to her) Ok, I’ll explain quickly, I often comment on her site abbreviating her name to RTS, one night when I was extremely tired I called her RBT and didn’t even realise. I popped back to find her reply in horror / or strange delight at being called Random Breath Test!

Moving on, RBT is a great blog – she is a fantastic writer who writes with a healthy does of cynicism and intelligent humor.

She doesn’t delve so much on the Swami side , she does writes a little about Motherhood  – and always offers really interesting perspectives such as this story where she realises how grateful she is for her co-parenting set-up.

She recently made me nostalgic for my netball days when I read her piece : Doing my Bit to Reinforce Stereotypes , she often makes me think with her carefully crafted posts, in particular this post Happily Ever After which examines and questions the secrets to long term relationships.

She makes me smile with her lovely descriptive writing and I really liked this piece about the Holiday House

Ruby Two Shoes is a refreshing read. She is who she is and you are guaranteed to read something fresh, unique, often laced with dry humor and will  leave you pondering or giggling afterwards.

I like her vibe. Check her out.

Remember your abbreviations.

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  1. Posted 21 May at 12:58 am | Permalink

    The old RBT- has randomnly selected me on 3 occasions during my 25 plus years of driving. So I work that out as once every 9 or so years on average. Never blew over the limit thank goodness :) Thanks for your intro to another great site. I will check it out!

  2. Posted 21 May at 2:57 am | Permalink

    Hi Sharni – i just wanted to say thanks (publicly this time!) for posting about my blog, you have been wonderfully kind and I’m lovin the good vibes you sent me on this grey rainy day – much needed and hitting the spot!
    xx RBT

    • Sharni
      Posted 21 May at 6:19 am | Permalink

      Great to know RBT – my pleasure! xx

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