Poo, Five Legged Spiders & The Greatest Love of All

Just thought I’d write a blog-post about nothing in particular. Sometimes I rack my brains out on a topic, or just lay down an incident – but today I am going to revive a little of the Chronicles of Sharnia of old. Which is, just a mish-mash of stuff rolled into a blog-post, as if I were talking to a friend.

Today I have been cleaning the house and doing all manner of domestic duties. I have been having several conversations about poo with Monte. He has asked me a wide range of questions on the subject including, but not limited to:

“Mum, can poo ever be green?”

“Mum can we cook poo?”


“Mum can you do a poo in a wee?”

His fascination is starting to unsettle me.

So, I took him into town and I bought a new bedspread. The perfect antidote to poo conversations.

Today I had a weep watching the Greatest Love of All on youtube, poor Whitney Houston.

She was the pop star of my tweenage years and I didn’t realise until I watched this clip again, how nostalgic I was for her music, and how bittersweet her life was. RIP talented lady.

RIP Talented Lady

And as I travel through my time of anxiety while pregnant and fluff my way through, the words to her song rang true.

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Sadly, it doesn’t appear she ended up finding this love with herself.

I have also been searching for spiritual meaning from the 5 legged spider that dwells in our hallway.I pondered the following on my Facebook wall.

Not my photo as I CAN'T FIND MY CAMERA!!!

I’m sure there is a spiritual lesson for me in the 5 legged spider that lives in our hallway. Every day I look up at him and think, he’s flawed, but he’s getting on with it. (by getting on with it I mean he moves 3cm daily and doesn’t do anything much else, so maybe he isn’t really getting on with it, but then again would you if you were short 3 legs?)

Oh and a lot of my anxiety of late has been to do with things that wouldn’t normally phase me.

You know, what to cook, keeping on top of household chores and  where the BLOODY HELL is the top of the milkshake maker???

So tonight , our house a little spruced, inspired by the Domestic Queen in parts, and I have Curtis Stone’s chicken drumsticks marinading in the fridge, I feel like I am that much closer to becoming a Stepford De-Facto.

Not that this has ever been my mission. But maybe there is something in a more serene functioning home helping to calm anxiety. Hey, I’m giving anything a whirl.

OK, maybe I need direction in a blog-post. God knows I’m rambling.

I will leave you now with these words.

May your spiders have eight legs, may you find the humor in conversations about poo — and when cleaning the house, do remember it will only be clean temporarily – so enjoy the moment.

Ahhhh the moment. I must have been realigned with it a little today. For that I am grateful.

Happy evening you all.

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  1. claire
    Posted 13 Feb at 7:42 am | Permalink

    I love your random posts Sharni :) And I love the new look blog as well!

    • Sharni
      Posted 13 Feb at 7:47 am | Permalink

      Thanks Claire! Hope you are well!

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