Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

I am savouring this feeling!

I am just back from THE best morning where my one mission was to relax and enjoy.

Cowboy gave me a voucher for Christmas to be used at the local day-spa – I had already used my manicure and pedicure component a couple of months ago, but was saving the massage and facial for a time that I could really use it.

That day was today.

I am one of those people, that freak out before going to get my relax on – nay, ESPECIALLY when going to get my relax on. You wouldn’t think that about me would you, knowing how I took to meditation.

Ha, I jest, but today I was so pleased that despite a little anxiety leading up to it – once in that dimly lit room with beautiful music coupled with a lovely non-talking masseuse I floated onto a cloud marked distinctly with the number Nine.

As the therapist massaged hot oils and things into my body I became an observer of my mind and instead of reacting to the thoughts that were still flooding in at their usual rate – I just watched them…

While the soothing sounds of music swanned around it was funny the places my mind took me. It didn’t take me to any place of panic or worry – and thankfully it didn’t walk me through any to-do lists either!

At one stage I was thinking of every person in my class from Year 12 – letting their face float in and out of my mind …. then fly away….. who knows why?

You know what I noticed? I noticed that my thoughts were just little fragments that hold no meaning but are ever-present.

I continued watching them as I sunk deeper and deeper into total relaxation.

I jumped up a bit when I realised that through the hole where my head was nestled I just dribbled onto the floor but then just laughed and congratulated myself that this was a true sign that finally, I had let myself relax.

Judging by the warm, fluttery kicks and somersalts I was feeling below - “Timmet” was pretty happy about this too.


(Dear Cowboy – this is the best present ever, if you want to just keep getting them for me for every occasion, you are on a winner. Love you)

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  1. Posted 05 Apr at 4:52 pm | Permalink

    Ha! I had my therapeutic massage this week. In the middle of all that relaxation I realized, I forgot to post the last interview I did. “Does that hurt?” The lovely Kelly asked. “Your arms are holding tight.” I must have started thumbing through my notebook on my Cloud Nine.

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