Ten Things I Love About Her

Oh Tansy, Tansy, Tansy. You are just so…. pleasant, so very very likeable.

I have to record here ten things you do that make me smile from mouth to heart, daily.

1) Spinning. Today, in your little elephant dress from Vietnam, you decided to spin, around and around, until you stacked it, then cracked up. It looked like fun so I joined in. Loved spinning with you.

2) Whenever Dad, or I enter the room you wave profusely and say ‘Hi Dad!” or “Hi Mum” it’s the best feeling in the world to see you greet us like that, may it always be like this!

3) I love that you say “Bye Dogs” whenever we go anywhere

4) I love that you love dogs. You are obsessed with them, although when you saw a kitten the other day I thought you were going to have 14 heart palpitations. You couldn’t contain your excitement!

5) You’ve nailed the body parts and today you became fond of pointing out “Elbows”

6) “High Five” is something you actively seek out. You love to high five Llama Llama Red Pyjama too. And all of your toys.

7) You love Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I particularly love that when you want it sung you ask for “How-I” (from the How I wonder what you are”) you have made How-I into a word, and I’m down with that.

8) Yesterday we went to a friends place and you walked around in your onesie with my bangles up your arms. Three on one arm, and my golden cuff on your other. It made me laugh. And feel connected and honored to share the bangles with you!

9) I won a heap of stuff from Moo Said The Cow and I’m loving your joy at the independence the little table and chairs bring you. You sit there and you feel so in charge. Love that you open the fridge and let me know what you want to eat too. Although usually you’ll just pluck a tomato out and gnaw on it.

10) In the car you catch my eye in the rear view mirror when there’s a good song on and we bob up and down to it. I just love your company and love how our relationship continues to evolve.

I had to write these down. Golden, happy times my lovely.



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  1. Posted 18 Dec at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    Love these…you should save all of these little posts and put them in a book with pictures for Tansy when she gets older!

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